Sikhs In The Army

11th Sikh Regiment



The Sikh Brigade  was  brought  into  being  shortly  after  the Indian Mutiny by the  raising  of the 14th, 15th and  45th  Battalions of Jat  Sikhs,

In  1887  two more battalions  -  the 35th and 36th were  raised, and the last battalion of Jat Sikhs-the  47th-completed  this famous  Brigade  in 1901.

For many  years  there was  no official  tie between these  six  units but always  the  closest comradeship  existed; it  was  not  until  the Indian  Army was  reorganised in  1922  that  the  Sikh  Brigade  was officially  recognised  as  at  entity.

The  35th Sikhs became  the Training Battalion.  

The 14th, 15th, 45th,  36th  and  47th  Battalions  became  the  1st,  2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th  battalions  of the  11th  Sikh Regiment

The following  battalions  have been  raised:-

6th Battalion 11th Sikh Regiment

7th Battalion  11th Sikh Regiment,

8th Battalion  11th  Sikh  Regiment.

9th Battalion 11th  Sikh Regiment

14th Battalion  11th Sikh Regiment.

15th Battalion  11th  Sikh Regiment

M.G. Battalion 11th  Sikh Regiment

26th (Garrison)  Battalion  11th  Sikh Regiment

The  14th  Battalion  has been  converted  into  a  Training  Unit.


The  following 'States.'  Garrison  Companies have been affiliated to the Regiment,

29th Garrison  Company.

42nd  Nabha Garrison  Company.

43rd Faridkot  Garrison  Company.

56th Kapurthala  Garrison  Company.

60th Patiala  Garrison  Company.

71st  Nabha  & Faridkot Garrison  Company.

91st  Kapurthala  Garrison Company

111th  (Training) Garrison  Company.

1/11 Ferozepore Sikhs 2/11 Ludhiana Sikhs 3/11 Rattary Sikhs
4/11 36th Sikhs
5/11 47th Sikhs
6/11 Sikhs
7/11 Sikhs
8/11 Sikhs
9/11 Sikhs
14/11 Sikhs
15/11 Sikhs
M.G. Sikhs
26/11 Sikhs
10/11 Sikhs