Sikhs In The Army

Naik Nand Singh VC


Acting Naik  1/11th Sikh Regiment. Indian Army. London Gazetted on 6th June 1944.

Born on 24th September, 1914 at Bahadur (Village), Patiala State, Punjab, India. Died on 12th December 1947 at Uri, Kashmir India. Memorial not known.

Digest of Citation reads:

On the 12th March 1944, Naik Nand Singh was ordered to recapture a position that had been taken by the enemy at the Maungdaw-Buthidaung Road, in Burma,. He led his section, under extremely heavy machine-gun and rifle fire, up a steep, knife edged slope.. Nand Singh was wounded in the thigh, but they successfully captured the first trench. Crawling forward on his own, he was again wounded, this time in the shoulder and the face. In spite of this he went on to capture two more trenches. Additional information:. He was later promoted to Jemadar


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Delhi's historic Red Fort was the scene of an impressive parade when the Viceroy decorated three heroes of the Indian Army with the highest award for gallantry - the Victoria Cross - and posthumously presented a V.C. and a George Cross to two proud widows. Above, the Viceroy has an informal word with Kamal Ram and Naik Nand Singh, two of the heroes.

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