Sikhs In The Army

Naik Gian Singh VC


15th Punjab Regiment, Indian Army.

London Gazetted on 22nd May, 1945.

Born on 5th October 1920 at Shapur, Jullundur, Punjab. Died on 6th October 1996 at Jullundur, Punjab.

Memorial not known.

Digest of Citation reads:

On 2nd March, 1945 on the road between Kamye and Myingyan, Burma, where the Japanese were strongly positioned, Naik Gian Singh who was in charge of the leading section of his platoon, went on alone firing his Tommy gun, and rushed enemy foxholes. In spite of being wounded in the arm he went on, hurling grenades. He attacked and

killed the crew of a cleverly concealed anti-tank gun, and then led his men down a lane clearing all enemy positions. He went on to leading the section until the action had been satisfactorily completed.


Additional information:. Naik Gian Singh also held the PVSM of India.


Gian Singh's Victoria Cross was stolen between 26 June and 23 September 1960. A replacement was issued to him on 18 September 1961. The original VC has never been recovered.Captain Gian SINGH 4th Bn, 15th Punjab Regiment

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