Sikhs In The Army

History of tha 2nd Royal Bn. 11th Sikh Regiment

(Ludhiana Sikhs) 1846 - 1944.

1846.The Raising of the Regiment.

On the 30lh June 1846 orders were issued for the formation of a regiment of Infantry which was to be known as the "Regiment of Ludhiana". The men enlisted for this regiment were to be at least 5 feet 7 inches in height and under 30 years of age, They were to be enlisted for general service and would serve under the same conditionsas other regiments of the line. Major P. Gordon from the 11th Native Infantry was appointed Commandant and took up his appointment at Ludhiana in August 1846 .. As a foundation a number of Indian Officers, NCO’s and Sepoys, the majority of whom were Poorbeahs, were. transferred from

other units, and by October the Regiment was brought to its full strength, and its establishment  was as follows :-




Sergeant Major.

Q.M. Sergeant.

10 Subedars.

10 Jemadars.

60 Havildars,

60 Naiks.

20 Drummers.

1000 Sepoys.



1847. Presentation of Colours.

On the 27th November 1846 the Regiment marched to its first

station, Meerut, and in 1847 was presented with Colours by General Sir John Grey. Then for a  period of 5 years spent in Meerut,

Lukhnow and Cawnpore there were no outstanding events