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Postcard Written by Kishan Devi (from India) to her a father, a soldier:

Dear Father, Best wishes to you. Here all is well.

With God's grace your letter has arrived. We came to know your situation.

With the sight of your letter, I felt at peace.

Mother says that you can write your inner most thoughts to us.

I will read the letter. We do not rely on anyone else to read the letters.

Father, all the letters from you will be read by me. I do not fight with anyone.

My heart is yours. You are my everything, and I worry about you.

I am like a living dead without you. I am unable to live like this.

Even though you give me lot of assurance.

Mother bows to you and with hands folded. Dear father we do not have another envelope [post card].

Dear father please take leave and come to meet us. Please do come! We repeat again and again. Reply to our letter soon.


$_57 $_56 23rd Sikhs 1644 Sewa Singh copy crop 23rd Sikhs 1644 Sewa Singh FRONT copy

100th Anniversary on Feb 6th 2016


4644 Sepoy Sewa Singh's 23rd Sikh Pioneers father of ‪‎Kishan Devi

Awarded Meritorious Service Medal



The 1/23rd in the Red Sea (I914)-Aden and its Vicinity-The Tragedy of Lahej- The Restoration of the Aden Situation-The

23rd in Egypt and Sinai (I916)-The Situation on the Sinai Front-The 1/23rd and 2/23rd in the Gaza Operations-The Pioneers in

Allenby's Advance-The I/34th in Palestine and Syria-The 1/23rdin Asia Minor-The 2/32nd and 3/32nd

THE 1/23RD IN THE RED SEA (1914)To the 1/23rd the call came as to the other corps

in India who were to share in those various expeditions that left its shores under alphabetic guise, and found

itself posted to Force "E" that was being rushed towards Egypt, the actual destination being unknown.

They were stationed at Lahore when the order to mobilise came on the 10th of October, '14, and embarked

on the Nurani, their destination believed to be Aden. Orders, however, reached them to join a force that was

landing on the coast of Arabia opposite the Island of Perim, to destroy the fort of Sheikh Sayad, whence

that island and the Red Sea traffic could be attacked.